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Founding Fathers Principles:

The federal government is limited to those few powers that it was expressly granted in the Constitution.

Whereas the states may legislate in nearly any area, save for those foreclosed by federal exclusivity and the natural rights of the people,


America is good.

The United States is a Representative Republic, not a Democracy. Democracy is doomed to fail by usurpation by tyrants.

Freedom is a gift from God, not a benefit of Government. With freedom comes responsibility.

All rights are given to us by the Creator. The role of Government is to protect those rights.

Government cannot give us rights; Government can only work to restrict rights.

Government regulation used to control individual freedom and liberty must be stopped.

Government oversight to protect individual freedom and liberty is required.

All men and women are created equal, and are entitled to equal protection.

No one is above the law. Not even the Government or Elected officials.

Free markets work best. Supply and demand creates a culture of continued prosperity and innovation

Our economy relies on a strong dollar.  Manipulation of our currency by the Federal Reserve, IMF and World Bank must be stopped.

Freedom is not dependence on the Government to provide for you. Freedom is the ability to provide for yourself and the ability to enjoy the fruits of your labor.

Armed Forces and Veterans:

America is not a conquering nation and our forces should only be used to protect our interests and direct threats against our allies. 

Any use of our military to expand political control by our civilian leadership must be stopped.  We are not the world police and we need our men and women to protect our freedom.  America should lead by example, not through the force of our military.

Veterans deserve better.  Everyone who served should be at the top of the list and first in line for all benefits provided by our government.  No waiting, the DOD knows who is disabled and must share that information prior to discharge with the agencies responsible for post service care and financial assistance.

The 2nd Amendment:

Jim Deakin answers questions for the Gun Rights Examiner

Empower States:

Interstate Commerce is only those products and services which are transported across state lines. 

Federal interference of intra-state transactions is unconstitutional.

Limit the Size and Scope of the Federal Government:

Every department should be scrutinized for constitutional authority and duplicity. Government can be made smaller if we eliminate the areas where two or more departments provide the same function and all functions should pass constitutional muster. 

We do not need a more efficient government, we need less government.


The tax code is so complicated that even the Secretary of the Treasury and the Chairman of the committee tasked with writing and approving tax laws do not understand and cannot follow the laws.  Simplification of the tax laws must be a priority.

One example is the Fair tax and repeal of the 16th amendment to the Constitution.  Other options are possible, the goal is to simplify the taxing process and empower states by giving control of cash flow to State Government.


My experience and education make me believe the thousands of scientists who conclude human beings are not the cause of climate change and any actions we take will have miniscule impact on the planet.  We should be good stewards of our planet. Paying 25% more in taxes is not good for the environment, our economy or American jobs.


Legal immigration is what made this country great and what will keep us safe. Everyone that comes to this great country must do so legally.


We have so much opportunity that immigrants from all over the world have flocked to our shores.  All of that changed starting in 1965 with the Immigration and Naturalization Services Act.  The failed policies must be revoked.

Support a Culture of Life: 

I am pro life. Life begins at conception.  Life should be protected through to natural death. 

Government controlled health services which would ration care or encourage ending life will be rejected. 

Support a Culture of Family: 

Marriage is the bond between a man, woman and God.  The role of Government in the contract between individuals to share living arrangements, property and responsibility should be treated as any other contract between parties.

Charities including religious organizations bring benefits to our communities much more quickly and efficiently than the government can.  Taxing individuals so the government can pick charity winners and losers violates the personal property rights of individuals.

Children deserve the best education available. Taxing individuals, then forcing states and school districts to beg for federal dollars is not productive and does not provide the best educational opportunities.

Health Care:

Federal Government should be hands off. The current federal regulations restrict the rights and freedoms of state regulatory agencies, individual insurance providers and individuals. Federal Government interference is the cause of the problems.