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I am the eldest child of Jimmie L. Deakin Sr. and Judy Deakin.  My dad was named after a Pearl Harbor casualty.  My dad contracted polio when he was 3 years old.  Growing up in a “handicapped” family taught me that special needs have no influence on intelligence.  In 1976 we moved from California to Oregon. We lived on a farm and I learned a lot about responsibility and the value of hard work.

My parents volunteered/worked at the Oregon State Marine Science Center, I noticed that something was missing.  Assisted by my mother, we established a 4H club for Marine Science.

I graduated from Dallas High School and then attended Long Island University Southampton College, to study Marine Science.  When I discovered there were few jobs in Marine Science, I joined the US Navy.   I studied electronics finished school and became a Sonar Technician and an Anti Submarine Warfare Specialist during the final years of the Cold War. I am a plank owner of the USS Reuben James FFG-57.

While on the James I learned firefighting and fire safety. I transitioned that knowledge and furthered my education into a career I truly love.

I currently work with my wife Adonia in our company A&J Fire Protection.
Our future goals is to find a small farm/ranch that we can call home.